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Rear Axle Shafts
U.J Cross
Torsion Bar
S-Cam Shafts
Tractor Axle Shafts
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Starting from a humble beginning GURU NANAK MACHINERY WORKS (Regd)established way back in 1958 by Late S. Kishan Singh since then with the superior guidance of it’s profounder & with the constant efforts, enterprising spirit and dedication of now a day’s managing partners S. Harbhajan Singh & S. Avtar Singh built up the Company to it’s present level, an one of the leading manufacturers of Auto Parts in north India since the last four decades. Our products have been well accepted in the replacement market throughout India. Also our products have reached all nook and corner of the world through indirect exports.

Besides to this, we are supplying our products to some of the renowned manufacturers as OE Fitment.

It is reliably learnt that you are dealing in Axle Shafts, U J Cross & Auto Parts. We now want to know your interests in dealing with us as a Distributor for our products.

india axles manufacturer, axle shaft manufacturers, rear axle shafts,axles for important vehicles.Growing from strength to the SKY & SKI brand names have reached to be acknowledged in the auto components market, matching to global standard, achieved using latest art of the technology developed indigenously, manufactured to meet the OEMS standard at home and abroad.

SKY & SKI range of product covers the Rear Axle Shafts required for all kinds LCV & HCV commercial vehicles, Bedford, Austin BMC, Mercedse Benz, Land Rocer, Tata , Suzuki, Isuzu Mitsubishi, Toyota, Daiharsu, Ford, Leyland, Volvo, Scania, MAN ETC.

It is our endeavor to acquire a close insight in to the need of our customers. We adopted latest art of the technology with the finest machinery to fulfill the aspirations of our esteemed customers.

Drop Hammers
Forging Press
Horizontal up setter Forging Press .3 “ Capacity Make Covmac, England
Horizontal up setter Forging Press .6 “ Capacity Made in Russia
Normilzing Heatting Shuttel
Shot Blasting Machine. 

GF Copying Made in Switzerland
CNC Machines are made in germany
Grinding Machines.
Multi Spindle Drilling Machines.
Gear Hobbing Made in germany
Copy turning.

Induction Hardening (GEC England)
Annealing and Normalizing furnaces.

Real Axle Shafts
Tractor Axels, s cam shaft
Torsion bars 

Quality control laboratory
Material Testing Facilities
Ultrasonic Crack Detector
Hardness Testers
Roughness Testers
Micro Hardness Testers 
Ultra Sound Scanner

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Direct and Through Merchant Exporters.