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india axles manufacturer, axle shaft manufacturers, rear axle shafts, u.j cross.Uphold the Recognition and Reputation as value based source for World class Machined Components, Forged and Forged-machined Components both National and Internationally.

Over the years, we have served the needs of high profile customers. We primarily cater to OE manufacturers of high repute and in certain cases in Direct On Line basis ( Self Certified Supplier).

Our extensive global warehouses and a trans India sales & distribution network reduces the response time to any & every consignment. Added to this is a strong service & customer assistance network across the world and its not surprising why we have completely revolutionized the components sales and distribution markets of the world.

All the tests are conducted under the close surveillance of our expert quality checking personnel. The personnel have devised their our own methods of monitoring. Each test is confirmed to ISO standards through which we ensure superior products.

autoparts manufacturer india,axle manufacturer india, axle manufacturer punjab.Complete customer satisfaction is achieved by us catering to the individual needs of the customers. It is our business policy to render the best services to the clients in terms performance, reliability and precision. All the components manufactured by us help the different clients in automobile industry to provide complete solutions to the clients at competitive prices. Based on the mutual gains we have been able to win the courage and confidence of the client, thereby enabling us to establish long term gains with them.

Our extensive and highly reliable resources combined with our dedicated team of professional enables us to supports the diversifying business needs of our clients. To ensure prompt delivery of products, we have tie ups with the local C&F agents.

We are committed to understand your requirements and we even anticipate your future demands, because we work in your world.